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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a minute to learn a little about me.  I'm American born, but I've been speaking French most of my life, and have lived back and forth between the U.S. and Europe.  I currently live in the U.S. because I have a wonderful husband who sweetly proposed and convinced me to leave France.  
I've never looked back.  :)  

I've been teaching French for 12 years, and I love that I learn new things and find new fun ways to teach something every year.  I am always amazed how I learn so much from my students.  While I am teaching them, they are giving me so much!  In my class, I love noise, movement, and fun, because I really struggled to pay attention in school.  I think that learning should be fun, and I wish more fun would have happened for me as a student.  

I have a beautiful family that I love so much, and I spend every minute with them that I can.  We love to read books together, take walks, or ride our bikes to get pizza and ice cream.  I'm pretty much always on the go, and unless I am sitting at my computer working, I have a really hard time sitting still.

I love pizza, but I'm really a health food lover and I eat salad almost every single day, sometimes twice!  I am a runner and use some of my Teachers Pay Teachers to pay for my races, which are so expensive, but raise money for great causes.  I use my running to help encourage and empower others, to make myself the best me that I can be for those I love, and also to excuse my other indulgence besides pizza: chocolate.  I can't control myself around it, so if we have treats at school, I can only keep suckers or candy like that around.  My first year of teaching, I could not figure out where the extra pounds came from until I saw how many chocolate wrappers were in my trash can!

I LOVE TO READ!   It is my very favorite thing to do.  I'm usually reading 2-3 books at a time in English and French.  

My favorite authors are:
Philippa Gregory - I love English history (but my degree is in French Literature!)
Richard Russo- beautifully written every time!
Gillian Flynn - I live in the neighborhood she grew up in!
Tess Gerritsen- Talk about a career change!  She's a doctor turned mystery writer!
John Updike - always thought provoking
Marc Levy - revives my sense of wonder in the world

My favorite singers/bands are:
Coeur de Pirate
The Cure
Brandi Carlisle

My favorite shows are:
Big Bang Theory
The Tudors
Modern Family

I began my journey on Teachers Pay Teachers over a year ago, because I found myself scraping by at the end of every month, trying to pay my bills.  It has been a huge blessing, allowing me to pay my bills and put some money into savings for my son's college.  I think it has made me a better teacher, because I am so excited to share new ideas with other teachers, and I have found some amazing teacher friends along the way who have helped me freshen up my own lessons.  I love the sharing of the community and I am so blessed to have found it!

Thank you so much for all you do everyday!  Teaching is never easy, and often the little things we do each day seem to go unnoticed.  Please remember that they are very noticed, even if the thanks are not always given.  

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