What's on your wishlist?

It's Teacher Appreciation week and Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale!

Everything in my store will be 20% off, and with the promo code THANKYOU17, you can get 28% off everything in my store.  Yes,that even includes bundles!

So, start making your wishlist.  It's what I'm doing right now.  :)   I buy so much clip art and I love new fonts, so I'm filling up my cart already.  Other great ideas for this time of year?  Year-end awards and back-to-school stuff.  I know you're looking towards summer, but what a great time to get organized and pick up some new stuff for next year, right?

I thought I'd share the 3 most wish-listed items from my store.  Not surprisingly, they are three of my top-sellers, too.  If you don't have them, check them out!

Includes a Clothing Catalog, a Menu, a Weather Forecast, a Family Tree, and an All About Me project.  All are in English and full-French versions.

My speaking cards are a favorite of a lot of teachers, and this is my most popular set.  You'll find lots of fun ways to use these other than the 5 fun ideas I include, and the best part of the speaking cards is that students LOVE them!  That makes encouraging speaking so much easier!

Want to get your beginners speaking?  This bundle a year's worth of resources for French 1!  From Find Someone Who activities to speaking cards and partnered work, you'll find a large variety of activities to get your beginners speaking early and often!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

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