Top wishlisted items this fall

It is almost here!  The Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale!  This is the best chance of the season to get super-low prices on some things you've been wishing for!  My store will be 20% off and you'll save even more with the TpT promo code : Cyber2016

What's even better?  My BUNDLES are already marked down 20%, so with the sale and promo code, you'll get nearly 50% off the price of the individually priced items.  So, which items are on your wish lists? I'm sharing the top 3 wish listed resources from my store here.  If you don't already have them, you should seriously check them out!

This is the most-wishlisted item in my store (other than my Ice-breakers which you probably don't need in the middle of the year).  It is also one of my top sellers, and for good reason.

These student self-evaluation forms for secondary classes from Mme R's French Resources are one of the most popular items at her store.

This is fully in English, meaning it is perfect for any subject matter.  This also makes it great to use at parent-teacher conferences or to keep in a student portfolio to share with families any time you meet. There are 3 versions, so you can use one document with middle-schoolers and pick a different one for high-schoolers!  It is perfect if you teach multiple levels!

French passé composé speaking task cards

This also happens to be one of my top-sellers!  If you have trouble getting your students to speak, you really should check out my speaking cards.  They are so interactive, easy-to-use, and fun for students.  Because the students aren't called on to speak in front of the entire class, they are not intimidated to try.  To make it even easier for you, I've included a handy sheet that has 5 ways you can use them in your classroom!  They are so easy to use, and once you see how much your classes love them, you'll definitely want to come back for more!

These 5 projects from Mme R's French Resources are really engaging for beginners. They are one of the top wishlisted items at her TpT store.

This is my top-selling bundle!  It is perfect for your beginning students, but since you'll also get full-French versions, you can use this in a second year class also!  With this bundle, your class will do some fun projects using the basic French they learn in their first two years.  Includes:

1.  A family tree

They will create a family tree and write a paragraph about a family member.  It's great because it reinforces family vocabulary, possessive adjectives, and adjective agreement all in one.

2.  All about me

This one is perfect after your students have attained some basic vocabulary and structures.  Students create a PowerPoint all about themselves and present it to the class.  This one is great because there are a number of topics to choose from, so students get to pick the areas that interest them.

3.  Weather presentations

This is my favorite, simply because it is so fun!  You'll be able to introduce French geography to your classes effortlessly as they create weather reports while playing the role of meteorologists!

4.  Clothing catalog

When you're teaching a clothing unit, this one is a must-have!  You can assess their use of adjective agreement and placement, correct use of vocabulary, and even the adjectives ce, cet, cette, and ces if you want!

5.  French menu

A perfect project for beginners, because who doesn't love French food?  You can incorporate this so easily into your French food unit, and you can even extend the learning by having your kids role play waiter and customer using their own menus!  It is so fun!  Even better?  You'll get a vocabulary list to print for your classes, so if your resources are lacking some practical vocabulary, you'll be set!

I hope you'll take advantage of the great savings during the sale!  I know how precious your time is, and I'm blessed and honored to be able to share a bit of what I do with all of you!  Happy shopping! :)

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