An entire year of French 1 Resources!


It's hard to teach beginning French students!  They need so much structured practice in order to master those basic skills. Speaking doesn't come naturally for them, spelling is not easy, and they often freak out if you try to speak too much French from the start. Whether you're a veteran teacher, a new teacher, or somewhere in between, you need to have a ton of supplementary materials to reach all your learning styles.

Here are some of my favorite resources for French 1 classes:

1.  School supplies 

You need to get your students speaking and listening right away, and a logical place to start is with school supplies. They will use that vocabulary every day they are in your French class, so start with the basics! The speaking activities are geared towards the newest beginners, making the activities really accessible for hesitant speakers.


2.  Adjectives

This bundle is HUGE! I mean it! It has over 500 pages of resources for teaching adjectives. There are games, speaking activities, projects, an adjective dictionary, plus a printable packet and accompanying PowerPoint show that are available in English or, if you want to use it with more proficient students, there is an all-French version of the packet AND the PowerPoint!

3.  Scoot games and task cards

These are by far my favorite games to play, because students NEED to move! It helps them concentrate, it keeps them from getting bored, and did you know that movement helps them learn? So, it's not just for fun, it is effective! (But it is fun, too). Here's my favorite game:

You can get all the French 1 scoot games here.

4. Weather 

Again, this is something you can teach early and use over and over in your class. From colors to clothing to seasonal topics, the weather terms come back over and over.

5. Projects

I'm not crazy about tests. It bores me to sit in a quiet room all day. To be honest, it kind of weirds me out. However, watching student presentations (that I can grade on the spot) or admiring my students' projects makes me smile. Plus, real-life learning helps students retain that information so much better, it's more fun for them, and students will get sentimemental when they remember fun projects they did in your class. Can you say that for a test?

6. Speaking cards

Students need to speak. They did not take French class to spell verbs on paper. They just didn't. Hesitant speakers need structured activities like the ones found in these speaking cards. Students will thrive with the chance to move, and even your shy speakers will enjoy speaking when the activities are not intimidating.

7. Reading comprehension

Students need to be able to read texts containing words they don't know, but they need those texts to be accessible. My reading comprehension packets contain 10 reading passages each, and each reading passage has 3 differentiated levels of questions, making it a friendly resource for struggling learners and the most-advanced beginners.

Want to have a year's worth of materials and monthly updates?

You can get all of these resources in one huge bundle! That's right, get all of these and many more. In fact, an entire year's worth! I add to it a few times a month, and I will until it is complete. Right now, there are nearly 3000 pages of activities for French 1!

Once it's done, it will be complete curriculum with a pacing guide and all the resources for French 1 needed to teach that curriculum. It will be a great stand-alone resource or as a really useful supplement to an existing curriculum.

As it is a work in progress, it is currently available for a fraction of the final cost, but every time I add new resources, the price increases. If you are looking for a complete French 1 resource that has engaging materials that actually work, this is it!

So, what do teachers have to say about the bundles you'll find in this year-long resource? Here are some teacher comments:

"The activities do a great job scaffolding the process for the students. Definitely recommend for a French 1 level course."

"This is an excellent bundle of projects... I particularly like how easily I can adapt my own scores to the included rubrics and project descriptions."

"Love ALL your verb resources! Great no prep lessons for immersion and core. Merci beaucoup!!"

"What a great bundle!!! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to incorporate reading starting in 6th grade. I love how there are three different versions because I can differentiate for kids who are struggling. Please continue to make more of these!!"

"Another great grammar acquisition resource. I love the variety of activities and how they support language acquisition. It is a great way to incorporate grammar instruction in an immersion setting."

Find the French 1 bundle here.

In the bundle, you'll find :

Speaking activities and assessments
Reading comprehension activities
Guided paragraphs
Writing rubrics
Board games
Bingo games
Scoot games
Task cards
Digital task cards from Boom Learning℠
Grammar and vocabulary packets
Word Walls
Exit tickets

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