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Yay!  It's time for the Teacher Appreciation Sale!  No one knows how hard teachers work more than a fellow teacher.  The Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide sale is on May 3rd and 4th.  Are you ready?  I'm filling up my cart right now!  Don't forget that all of your purchases are tax deductible, so get excited about ending your year or look forward to beginning the next one and find some great resources!

I've linked up with Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to bring you the top wish listed items from my store that you definitely want to check out!

We all love projects, and we especially love anything that involves little prep.  It's no surprise that this is my top wish-listed item and my best seller!  This resource is available in French and English and comes with a handy vocabulary list that you can use as enrichment or as an essential tool for a food unit.

This one is awesome for back to school!  It is great for French classes or any other secondary class, because all the ice breaker activities are available in English and French!  It includes a Find Someone Who...activity, 2 versions of a Would You Rather...? activity, and a few ideas for writing prompts that you can use all through the first week!

This project is my personal favorite for beginners, because it integrates geography into the lesson with no extra work for the teacher!  It is available in French and English and there is a handy pre-writing page that guides the students through the writing.  It's great for true beginners, but it can be a fun review for more advanced students, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Happy shopping!

Want to see other top wish listed items from Teachers Pay Teachers?  Check them out at Jen's link-up here:

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